Here is a page of my current and some past gear and guitars. As a pro I have used countless instrument's & electronics in my ongoing search for tone, feel, and playability. Some are gone, but not forgotten in their contribution to my music career. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have. Enjoy!
Tom Anderson Hollow Drop Top, Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue, & Tom Anderson Hollow 'T'
  Soul Bender,    Fender Blues Jr.,    Tom Anderson Cobra
My current main gigging pedal board and my Mesa Boogie Lonestar
Jan 2010

Guild 12 string
Given to me by my friend and ministry mate Heidi Gunn. It is over 25 years old I believe and though it shows some signs of use it has a big sweet tone and resonance. Almost a parlor sized body, it is well balanced tonally and produces very good volume.

Godin Multiac Nylon string guitar
This guitar feels and plays fantastic. Looks good too as the black finish has a little sparkle in it. Now it does not have much acoustic output, but great thought was put into the onboard electronics so when it is plugged into a mixer or amp, the tone is accurate, sweet, and beautiful. 13 pin synth access too!

Taylor 410 CE
I love the Taylor line of acoustics. And while this is not one of the top of the line models it is a sweet sounding, smooth playing cutaway dreadnought. Medium acoustic output, great sounding Fishman electronics. throw a condenser in front of it and press record! I have had this for over 6 years and the tone continues to grow better as it ages.
Tom Anderson Hollow Drop Top

My 1st Anderson! I was told by Steve Mesple up at Wildwood Music in Louisville, Colorado where I bought this guitar not to play the TA too long because even in such a short time it can ruin your other guitars for you. It is true! The finest guitar I have ever owned. I consider myself ruined! This is a Hollow Drop Top, Quilted Maple on Mahogany, Madagascar Rosewood fretboard, Hard Rock Maple neck, Switcheroo, Hum/Sngl/Hum. I can get virtually any sound, fat humbucker, glassy single-coil, rock, country, to fat jazz tones from the elaborate pickup system. It also sports the Fishman Powerbridge. Smooth action and the Buzz Feiten Tuning System make this a tonally versatile and easy to play instrument. When combined with a responsive tube amp you get a tonally tactile experience like no other!
Tom Anderson Hollow"T"

This is my 2nd Anderson, a tele style guitar and I love playing this one almost as much as my first. I bought this one off E-bay in mint condition. Hollow chambers, a Flamed Maple top on a Basswood body. Super light and resonant . Madagascar Rosewood fretboard, Hard Rock Maple neck. I recently changed the original TA pup's for a set of Kinman AVN 48's. I can highly recommend the Kinman single coils for their superb tone and quiet operation. great for funk, soul, R&B, rock, and of course country styles.
Epiphone Emporer

I always wanted a 'Jazz Box' so when an opprtunity came up to pick this guitar up, I did! The name just sounds regal don't you think? Thick body, pickup mounted to the neck at the end of the fretboard, volume & tone controls. Classic looks and a sound to match. I put some flat wounds on it (.012 gauge hi E) and I can get that Joe Pass sound for days. Now if i could only play like Joe..........
Past gear gallery
Tom Anderson COBRA

My 3rd Anderson and again i can't put it down. I call it my 'Les Paul' it has a short scale Mahogany neck and body with a quilt maple top. The tone is thick with a nice trebly edge for soloing, Great sustain, and a  5-way pup selector gives you some very usable single coil type sounds. A joy to play it does blues, rock, and Jazz very well. i am a happy guitar camper!
Fender Blues Jr.

I love the tone and portability of this 15 watt little monster! It has been my test amp as i have installed some BillM mods, (presence knob, tone stack, and bias adjustment), a better reverb tank, and I just put in a 12" 30 watt Reaper from Warehouse Speakers. Modeled after a G12h it sound nice and balanced with warm low & top end tonality.

Fulltone Soul Bender
Killer fat fuzz with a very musical tone, not fizzy and obnoxious. Great for soloing and big power chords
Guild 12 string       Godin Multiac Nylon String        Taylor 410 CE

Two-Rock Emerald 50 & THD 2x12 Cab
Voodoo Lab rack pedal/fx switching system
Controller/pedalboard for amp/rack setup
1996 G&L Legacy w/ EMG Gilmore pups
Fender '65 Twin Reissue.
Carr 1x12 Rambler in Green Tolex
(i wish i still had this little guy!)
Hey! Rey! Productions
My humble little studio

Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue

40 watt all tube 1x12 combo with a sweet vintage type voice makes for a killer club combo. Takes any pedal you can throw at it . I changed the black chicken head knobs for cream colored ones, installed  an amber jewelI, and put a couple of coats of Zinsser Amber stain on the cab for a warm vintage look. Very retro. Big traditional sound, I installed a Mercury Magnetics tranny & choke and it just opened up the tonality of the amp big time! And i swapped the stock jensen 12' for a Hellatone 30, basically a broken in Celestion g12h30. Big and warm!
Sweetsound Mojo Vibe
One of the best with expression pedal input
(R.I.P. Bob Sweet)
Voodoo Lab Tremolo
Does what a trem should do with volume knob!
Fulltone Choralflange
IMO THE best sounding analog chorus out there
Fulltone OCD
(Marshall in a box)
Roll off your volume for a clean bluesy tone then crank it up for some fat tube amp tones!
Fulltone Clyde Deluxe
Solid action, 3 modes
and a volume knob! Super versatile wah bliss!
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Keeley mod great OD.
I use for a quasi clean boost for my single coils!
Tonebone Classic
My main solo tone!
Fat, tonally versatile, great feeling tube overdrive /distortion.
Wampler Ego Squasher
Custom compressor with clean blend. keeps your highs intact
ISP Decimator
Efficient noise reduction with no tone loss whatsoever!
You gotta have one!
Eventide Time Machine
crisp & clean with lots of processing power and options
Korg DT-7
Not sexy but I cant live without it. Buzz feiten for my TA's too!
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Ubiquitous old school volume control but sonically clean and built like a tank!
The Gig Rig
Not only state of the art stomp box control but the light show is fantastic too!
Previous pedalboard mayhem
Previous pedalboard mayhem
Previous pedalboard mayhem
Ground Control to Major Tom......
Looks scary but it really isn't. Features a GIGRIG 10 loop true bypass pedal switcher. Increased the clarity over my old pedalboard by at least 10%. Features 16 dip switches per channel to choose which loops are active and switches for auxilliary functions. Wired with George L's and currently features the following pedals;
December 2006 rig!d text.