Born-10/23/60 @ 6 a.m.(?) in San Diego, California
My ears have always been attuned to music as long as I can remember. From wanting coins to play those tabletop jukeboxes in those old restaurants to hearing television and movie soundtracks, as well as performing air guitar to my old Beatle albums (they were current then!). Since my earliest memory is of my dad presenting me as an infant at a club he was playing at in San Diego (1960?) I think it was, my destiny to become a musician. I have been fortunate to be able to play guitar and play in countless bands and musical situations, and have been able to support myself most of my life. I have experienced many adventures along the way and almost 40 years later still having fun every time the guitar goes on.
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Blush 1982
Desert Rain 1994
Metro 1984
Ohana 1987
Tsunami 1992
Radio Kings 1993
Gunn Point Band 2005
FBCI concert w/John Tesh 2002
Katey Laurel Band 2012
Jenn Cleary Band 2013
Adam Rey @ Cherry Creek Sneak 2013
Adam Rey @ Rock-n-Roll Marathon 2011
Ronnie Davis and the
Rocky Mountain Outlaws 2012