TSUNAMI-Who Is It? 1991

In 1990 I was seeking a musical change from the T-40 scene in Reno, Nv. I ran into this group in Mammoth, Calif. while gigging and subsequently moved to Colorado to join Tsunami. Keyboardist Bob Schlesinger was writing some very lyrical pop jazz tunes, as well as doing some tasty standards and real book stuff. I brought a fusion-esque vibe into the group. I was finally playingJazz-Fusion music and performing all around Colorado in clubs, festivals, and showcases. It was challenging to be able to write in this genre. This album features one of my first 'Jazz' compositions, the latin tinged 'Samba Bout' You!'

Audience of One-One Day-1996

The group FKA 'Kenaniah' changed their name and then self produced this thematic Christmas album. Rick & Shelly Long and myself made up this group, and we arranged and produced this album on a 8 track digital recorder in an unheated mice infested Arvada Colorado barn in the winter of '96. Fun Celtic/pop/acoustic rock arrangements of some classic songs with a few covers thrown in really helped to punctuate the Christmas message. I programmed all the tracks (except for the cover tunes) and played all guitars. The interludes are pretty cool!
T.C. Morrison-A Girl From Colorado-1998

As an artist being molded from the gound up by local producer Lance Bendikson, TC was a real sweetheart to work with. This is Country tinged pop rock with that 'Colorado' sound courtesy of Bendikson Productions.
Check out 'You're Not My Fault!'
Jaydeen Georgeff-You Are-2000

Jaydeen is a very gifted singer/songwriter. Her lyrical and powerful voice grabs your attention weather its a ballad or a rocker. I had fun crafting the guitar parts for this album as well as co-producing and drum programming. Check out 'The Battle'
Randy Gunn-Trusting-2003

Randy Gunn, the leader of the Gunnpoint Band and HFMOJ and I go back a few years. This recording was our first together and the sessions were very special spiritually and creatively. One of the cuts, 'He's the One' is currently charting and getting airplay on Christian Country Music Radio. A second album cut 'He Did!' will be released in February '04. My fave; 'Hymm to Him' Randy takes the Gunnpoint band on the road to minister to  cowboys & girls at competitive rodeo events and concerts around the US. Yee-haw!
Lance Bendikson & the Radio Kings-1995

Lance is a local Denver based singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist and this was a culmination of a few projects and ideas he had over the years. I was involved in that latest incarnation of the Radio Kings live and in the studio. Stylistically diverse this album features some great moments, musicians, and tunes. I had songwriting credits on 'Some Kind of Love', The Playful Ones', and the Zydeco inspired Tell Me What You Want to Do'.
Danny Oertli-Stories-1994

Danny is one of those songwriters that has a tangible connection between his heart and the God he serves. I've been lucky to play guitar with him live and in the studio over the years as well as co-produce this album for him. He is the real deal as a human being and a follower of Christ. Oh BTW, did I say he is a wonderful guitarist also? One of my faves 'You & Me'
Mary Russell-Retreat-1993

This Boulder based Blues singer all but disappeared after this release. Too bad because her debut album demonstrated that she had the voice and experience to really do something in this genre. She had a very good knack of interpreting the covers she chose, and of course she just shined on her originals. Another Bendikson production, the musicans on the sessions were top notch. I have songwriting credits on 'Poor Little Baby' and 'Sweepstakes Blues'
Danny Oertli-Where We Stand-1992

I believe this is Danny's first album, which I played electric guitar on. I think he had just graduated from high school when he recorded this one. In the following years he has really turned into a fine musician and a respected minister of the Gospel. I'm proud to say I know him!
Kenaniah-The Spirit Lives On-1992

Well this was a watershed experience. I was freelancing in Denver when I was hired to provide guitar for this album project. Not only were the sessions creative and fun, but through these sessions with Rick & Shelly Long, and the friendship that followed, I was introduced to Jesus! I would say I got the best of the deal! Great lyrics and good songs, I co-wrote the cut 'Faith Heroes'
Audience of One-1997

Recorded at beautiful Eagles Nest Studio's high in the mountains in Conifer Colorado these sessions were a culmination of writing and performing original and worship material  over the previous couple of years at churches and events around Colorado. Featuring powerful Christian pop/rock/worship tunes this was a high point of musical creativity for A of 1 and our last recorded project together. Check out 'Heart of the Sunrise' and the title cut 'One Road for Me'
Steady Workin' Gunnpoint Band 2005

This sophomore release shows the material, band, and production coming together even more. Check out the rockin' title cut 'Steady Workin' and the Texas swing of 'Just Like Jesus'
(or what I did on my summer vacations)